Ezoic Review – Increased my Ad income by more than 200%

I started this blog in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping others with IT-related questions. In 2018 I reached 10.000 visitors per month and started to add Google Adsense to this blog to cover the hosting cost and maybe earn some small pocket money.

At the end of 2018, I switched to Ezoic, resulting in a huge increase in ad revenue. In this Ezoic Review, I will tell you what Ezoic mend for me and this site.

How it all started

As a system administrator, I have to solve many problems each day. Blogs from other sysadmin are always a great resource for the more complex problems and they helped me out many times. In 2016 I started with sharing my own knowledge on LazyAdmin.nl.

In the beginning, I didn’t look at SEO or ways to earn money with this blog. I only wanted to help others, but in 2018 the number of visitors started to grow rapidly. Around May/Jun 2018 I reached 15.000 visitors a month. I needed to upgrade my hosting plan (resulting in switching to SiteGround) and I started to spend more time with blogging.

Adding Google Adsense

To compensate for the hosting cost I added Google Adsense ads to the website. And the first month I earned more than $50 which was great of course, but it wasn’t really much either.

Ezoic vs Google Adsense

In the months that followed the earnings started to drop. I probably messed it up myself, because I started with trying different ad positions, but even after changing everything back to how it was I never reached the $50 a month again.

Between Jun 2018 and Oct 2018 I never made more than $3.62 CPM  on average in a month. But the number of visitors kept growing rapidly. In October 2018 I reached 25.000 visitors and 32.000 page views. So I doubled compared to June that year. But my ad income didn’t.

Contacted by Ezoic

I was contacted by Ezoic in October 2018 if I was interested to join their ad network. They promised an increase in ad revenue between 50-200%. Well, that sounded too good to be true, but hey, I was making only $50 a month so what was the worst that could happen?

Joining Ezoic is free and I only had to place some placeholders to get started. With the ad tester, you can even A/B test Ezoic with your current ad network, so for example, only 30% of your visitors would see the ads by Ezoic and the others still get your current ad network.

Ezoic Review – The first results

So in the last week of October, I switched to Ezoic and I couldn’t believe the results. In one week I earned more than I ever made with Google Adsense in a whole month.

Ezoic Review first earnings

As you can see I had an EPMV (Earning Per Thousand Visitors) which was much higher than the
CPM of Google. Remember my highest CPM was $3.62 and in the first week with Ezoic, the average EPMV was $15. An increase of 400%.

Now I still think that my low Google Adsense revenue was also my fault, but on my own, I never would reach the $15 CPM.

Ezoic Review -5 months later

In the months that followed my ad income kept rising, the EPMV for March this year was on average $20 and peaked on $27. Last month (March 2019) I earned almost $1300 with ad income alone.

In the chart below you see a drop in December and January, this is normal because the ad rates always drop at the beginning of the year.

Reviewing Ezoic EPMP after couple of months

With more than $ 1000 a month with only ad income, I started to work one day less, so I could spend more time writing and spend more time with my kids.

Ezoic Sign up

So to get started with Ezoic you don’t need to be invited. The only requirement is that you have 10.000 visitors per month. They require a Google Analytics screenshot for verification. You can sign-up here at Ezoic to get started.

The account manager at Ezoic is really great and will help you with any questions or issues you have when implementing Ezoic.

I am using Cloudflare for caching of this site, so it loads as fast as possible. Cloudflare is free as well, so make sure you check it out. If you are using Cloudflare then the integration of Ezoic is even easier. They work together with Cloudflare, so you only need to change the nameservers to get started.

Ezoic Support

Last year I had an issue with my site. Renewing the SSL certificate didn’t work and the site went offline due to an invalid certificate. While I was talking with the support from SiteGround I received an email from my Ezoic account manager, they noticed that there was an issue with the site to and if they could be of any assistance.

So I had SiteGround and Ezoic working together on fixing the issue and within 10 minutes everything was back online. Ezoic needed to be paused for a moment so the certificate could be fixed. This is something a lot of companies can learn from, at Ezoic they really take care of you and help in any way they can.

Getting Paid

Because I live in the Netherlands is getting paid by a US Company is always a challenge. Direct bank transfer outside the US isn’t an option, but luckily Ezoic can pay to your Payoneer or PayPal account.

I have chosen Payoneer simply because the transaction fees are much lower. Joining Payoneer is free, just like PayPal.

Ezoic Review Conclusion

Ezoic was a huge game-changer for me that I had to write a review about Ezoic. With Google Adsense, I never could earn what I am doing now with this site, simply because I want to focus on writing and helping others and not on finding the optimal ad placement.

With Ezoic taking care of that generating a much higher EPMV / CPM I can only recommend testing it out yourself. You have seen the numbers, you can try Ezoic without any risk (there is no contract, no monthly fee, or whatsoever) and you can stop anytime.

If you are reading this page you are probably thinking about Ezoic, I can only say what are you waiting for? Give it a go, let it run for a month and the results will speak for themself.

29 thoughts on “Ezoic Review – Increased my Ad income by more than 200%”

  1. Hey Rudy,
    thanks for this article, at last someone is giving a real feedback, not some crazy “I earned 2000$/day with Ezoic” !

    I was wondering if you still have the same revenues now, more than 5 years later ? Still the same CPM roughly ?

    Thanks again !

  2. Hoi,
    Stel je site heeft maandelijkse 100 bezoekers die 100 paginas bekijken dus 100×100 = 10.000 page views.

    Zijn 10.000 page views ook goed of moet het echt 10.000 unieke bezoekers zijn?

  3. Hi Rud, I want to ask, I am using ezoic now, but I also have an adsense account, is it necessary for my adsense account to be integrated with ezoic, or is it not necessary, I am still confused about this? Do you integrate your adsense account with ezoic, or do you only run ezoic? Please Answer

      • Yes, but what I mean is, in ezoic, we can integrate our adsense account with ezoic, and I asked their support, they suggested I integrate it, I was confused, do I need to integrate it? what do you think, did you also integrate it too? sorry i ask a lot, because this is confusing.

        • Sorry I am not really sure either. I do remember that when Ezoic wasn’t working due to a configuration error, the ads falled back to adsense. I even had some income from adsense.

  4. Hi, I just want to say that I wish more websites use clean themes like yours! And very useful article thanks for that.

  5. He Rudy,

    Does Ezoic also support multilingual sites? I mean do you get Dutch ads for Dutch visitors on your website and German ads for German visitors? Dank je wel.

  6. Please can I get more than 20$ per 1000 visit if all my visitors from USA. Canada. Australia.united Kingdom?

  7. Hello…Are you still using ezoic on this blog ?…I see few ads on this page but no where on ads it has “ezoic” label(it says Ads by google).so I am wondering if you still suggest Ezoic or you found some better ad network.Thank you !
    Your review was straight to the point with stats proof…I enjoyed reading this post.

    • Yes, I am still using Ezoic and I am still very happy with them. You should really give it a try, just sign up here and start with the Ad Tester on 20% (so 20% of your visitors get the ads by Ezoic and the other 80% through your current ad platform). Give it some time to optimize and the results will speak for them self.

  8. I am using SiteGround and ezoic ads on one of my sites as well, so far so good :).
    Just one small question, you mention your traffic numbers and that it hosts you with SiteGround … just wondering what hosting plan with SG are you using for such traffic?

    As my site grows I want to get a feel for what others are doing 🙂
    Thanks for your very insightful post

    • EPMV, Earnings Per Thousand Visitors. A bit like CPM, only it takes the number of ads into account. Giving you more insight into how much you make per thousand visitors. (Simply adding more ads will result in a higher CPM, but a lower EPMV, because of the higher bounce rate you probably get)

    • Yes, it does. How much you make depends on your niche and ads placement. The ad tester is a really great tool for this and I have seen huge improvements compared to Adsense. The best part, it doesn’t cost you anything to join and you can use Ezoic for only a specific amount of traffic (start with 25% for example), this way you can see the difference with your current ad provider and Ezoic.

      Just sign up here and give it a try, I promise you won’t regret it. If you have any question setting Ezoic up, just reach out or contact the Ezoic support team.

      • Hi Rudy.. thanks for the information provided. I need your advice as regards the hosting plan to use. Where. Ezoic contacted and while we were testing the ads on my site, my blog kept going offline and I was told to upgrade. I use Bluehost choice plus plan (shared hosting) the highest plan under shared hosting is Pro plan. I wanna confirm if you make use of a shared hosting or VPS so I know which to go ahead with. Thanks

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