Original Smart Home Christmas gifts for 2019

The last holiday of the year is coming and 2019 is the year of the Smart Home. If you are still looking for a smart home gift for Christmas then you are in the right place. I listed some of the most original and affordable smart home gifts for your dad, husband or friend.

In this list, you won’t find the standard Echo dot or Google home, but some really original ideas that are even affordable. The list is short, but I only listed the some unique and really original Smart Home products.

Smart Home Gifts

Meater Smart Home Gift


Meater is a smart thermometer to help you make the perfect piece of meat. It can be used in the Oven, Smoker, Grill, you name it it will work. The Meater is completely wireless and can be connected with Alexa. Show you can just ask Alexa, How long until my beef is done?

It’s not only a temperature sensor, but it will also help you cook the perfect meal, give you an estimate and send an alert when your cook is done. The Meater cost around the $ 70,- making it the perfect Smart Home gift for the holidays.¬† One important tip, the Meater self uses Bluetooth¬†for the wireless connection. This means that your phone should be within 10 meters of the probe. Spend the few extra bucks, this will give you a nice wooden charger that also functions as a repeater (connecting the Meater to your WiFi network).


SnapPower Outlets

Not real smart, but I really nice gift. You place the SnapPower outlet cover over an existing outlet, adding a USB charger port of LEDlights. This is really useful to create night lights in the hallway or make USB ports in the kitchen to charge your phone.

You can buy a single SnapPower cover with LED Night Lights for $ 12,- on Amazon

Sensative Door Sensor

Sensative Ultra Thin Door Sensor

If you don’t know what to give, but you really want to give a smart home gift then door sensors are always a good pick. With door sensors, you can make your house really smart. You can turn lights on when a door is opened, trigger an alarm, turn the radio on etc. A door or motion sensor or one the most used triggers in Smart Homes.

The Sensative door sensor is really thin, allowing you to place this sensor between the door and doorframe. Most door sensors need to be placed on the doorframe, Sensative is the only one that fits between it. The price of the door sensor is around $ 50 on Amazon.

When in Rome Travel Trivia

What has a board to do with a Smart Home? Well, this game is powered by Alexa. Alexa is your host in this game, it will guide you through the game. The game is created with locals from around the world. During the game-play, you will get some nice and funny back-and-forth between Alexa and the locals.

The game comes with easy and hard questions, making it suitable for younger players as well.  If you have an Echo, then this game is a real winner. The price is really affordable, you can get it on Amazon for around $ 30.

Other options

If you want to give something smart but the product above here didn’t appeal to you, then you can always go for a Philip Hue light or a Smart Plug. These are commonly used smart products that are always nice to have.

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