Smart Home Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (Best of 2019)

It is almost the best weekend of the year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up it’s time to find the best Smart Home deals for this year. Your Smart Home is never finished, so this weekend is the best time to buy some new Smart Home gear for your house with a huge discount.

I will update this post the whole week with the latest deals for 2019. If you found any deal that should be listed here, just drop a comment below and I will add it to the list.

Smart Hubs Deals

To make your house smart you will need a Smart Hub. So what Smart Hubs are for sale with Black Friday? I found the following hubs that are worth to wait for:

Samsung SmartThings

During Black Friday the whole SmartThings line is for sale with a 10% discount on Amazon. The SmartThings hub is one of the most popular Smart hubs. It allows you to easily connect your Smart Devices and create rules to make your home really smart.

Echo Dot 2e gen

If you don’t have Alexa yet and you are looking for a good deal. Then now is the time to shop for an Amazon Echo Dot. There are deals on almost all the Amazon device the coming days. Starting Thursday, nov 28, you can buy the Echo Dot gen2 for only $ 19,99. (that is a $ 20,- discount!)

Echo Dot 3rd gen

Also, the third generation Echo Dot will be on sale with Black Friday. The price will drop to $ 24,- on Amazon. You will save $25,- on the Echo gen 3

Echo Second gen

Save $ 30,- on the Echo Second Gen. You can get one for $ 69,- at Amazon.

Echo Plus

The premium smart speaker from Amazon will also be for saving the coming days. You can get one for only $ 109,- saving you $ 40,-.

Best Z-Wave Black Friday Deals

I found a couple of good Z-Wave Black Friday Deals for this year. If you check my article on designing your Smart Home you will see that Z-Wave is the superior protocol to use for your Smart Home.

GE Z-Wave Light Switches

Amazon has some good deals on the GE Light Switches, saving you up to 40% on a Z-wave light switch. The GE switches are on the best and most used lights switches, supporting SmartThing, Wink and Alexa.

Lutron Caseta Light Switch

Another option for the light switches is the Lutron line. This weekend you can save up to 20% on Amazon for the Lutron light switch.

Smart Thermostat Black Friday Deals

A Smart Thermostat is a good way to start with making your home smart. If you don’t have a smart thermostat yet, then the coming days it is the time to buy one. I have written a review about the different Smart Thermostats on the market, so if you don’t know which one you should buy, make sure you check this article first.

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Alexa built-in

I have written before about Smart Thermostats, and the Ecobee4 is one of the best thermostats on the market. You can now save up to $ 50,- on the Ecobee4 on Amazon. This is a limited deal, so it will expire the coming days.

The great thing about the Ecobee4 is that Alexa is built-in, so you get a Smart Thermostat and an Alexa dot in one device for a great price. Make sure you check the deal.

Ecobee3 Lite

If you don’t want to spend $ 200,- on a thermostat you can also take a look at the Ecobee3 lite. You can save around the $ 30,- on the Ecobee3 these days. Now the Ecobee3 isn’t the best thermostat on the market. It lacks some and I really recommend to look at the Ecobee4 if you can afford it. It has more advanced features and built an Alexa in it.


The last couple of years Tado offered 15% to 20% discount on their complete product line during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I am pretty sure we will get the same deal this year:  Just take a look at there response on Twitter:  

Other deals

Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart plug is a real bargain coming days. You can get one for only $ 5,- instead of the normal price of $ 24,-. You can control the Smart Plug only with Alexa.

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