Unifi Network Calculator

I got a lot of questions about what Unifi products people should buy, depending on their house, the number of network devices and maybe even network cameras. So I figured, it’s maybe possible to calculate what products you need based on a couple of questions.

The form tries to find the best value for your money, taking into account the number of wired and PoE devices. The form isn’t perfect, but for most home networks it should do fine.

Unifi Network Gear Calculator

For the router, I suggest the Edgerouter ER-X or ER-X-SFP. The advantage of the SFP is that has 5 passive PoE ports that can be used to power the Unifi Access Points (Lite or LR) and the Unifi Cloud key. We can’t utilize all the 5 ports, because we still need to connect our internet to the router and we need one ethernet port to connect the switch.

Unifi Network Planner

House details

How many floors does your house have?

Number of devices

Amount of wired devices you have. Connecting devices wired is always better. Thinks of game consoles, smart TV's, computer, printers
Are you planning any Unifi Camera's? These will be added to the PoE Devices
CloudKey can be used to manage your Unifi Devices. You can also install the software on a computer or Raspberry Pi


Total wired devices:
without PoE
Total devices with PoE:
Access points, Cloud key and/or Unifi Camera's.
Total devices:
inc router, switches and optional cloudkey

Suggested Unifi Products

Unifi Switches Explained

In the calculation for the switches I mainly check the amount of required PoE devices. We utilize the PoE ports of the ER-X-SFP and have to take into account that one port on the switch is needed to connect the switch to the router.

Some switches come with SFP ports. You could use those ports, with a correct adapter, to create an extra Ethernet port. But taking that into account gets too complicated. (adapters are relative expensive, $15 – $30).

I also use the available Ethernet ports on the router to connect the wired devices. If you want to create a nice, clean network cabinet, I recommend that you only connect the client to the switch. This will give you the best result when it comes to cable management.

Unifi Cloud Key

If you are not going to use the Unifi Camera’s then the Unifi Cloud Key Gen 1 is more then sufficient for home use. The Gen 2 is 4x faster, but also almost $100 more and for a home network, you really don’t need the extra speed.


The Unifi Network Planner isn’t perfect, but it will give you a good starting point for your network. The amount of access points really depend on the layout and structure of your house. In general you can start with an Unifi AC LR and add additional AC Lite’s to it where needed.

If you have any questions, comments or detected a mistake in the planner, just drop a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Unifi Network Calculator”

  1. I’m a fan of Ubiquiti. Just not for their warranties. We have a bunch of Unifi 48 and 24-port switches powering our wifi networks at work, and they work well but if they die and the year’s warranty is gone it’s on us to replace.

    They’re brilliant for home networking though 😀

  2. Hi, tks for the article, very clear. I need to connect 62 devices, 16 wired and the rest wireless, 2-story house made of thick brick and also need coverage in the back garden. Lots of gaming online and streaming, both from inside and outside home. Do you think the Edgerouter you recommend here is up to the task or should I go with other model, Ubiquiti of course?

    Tks in advance!

    • Yes, and EdgeRouter would be perfect. You only have to check what kind of internet connection you have, the line speed. In depending on the line speed you might want to get a faster model of the EdgeRouter. Perhaps a EdgeRouter ER-4

      • Great! Since I only have 50 MB for the line speed (that’s pretty much the top over here) I think the model you recommend is enough. Tks for the answer!

  3. What cameras should i buy if i’m going to use them in- and outside my house. I want to be able to watch what happens at home when i’m on vacation.
    Can i have any motion detectors that work with the setup too, so i know if someone is at my house so i’ll be able to call the police if someone unwanted tries something when i’m not Home?

    • For outdoor you should go for the G3 Flex, they are really nice and affordable for home use. You could also use them indoors if you want, or pick the G3 Micro if you find them too big for in your home.

      I hope to write an article about securing your home with the Unifi camera’s in a couple of months when I am finished with my new garage.

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