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Disable AutoSave for Office 365

When you are storing your files on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint online with Office 2016, you get the option to AutoSave you changes. This option is on by default and it will save you changes to the cloud as you are working. A nice feature, but in an business environment it can cause some issues. You can always revert back to the previous version or disable the option per file, but what if you want to disable the option for every file?

Unfortunately that is no easy way to turn AutoSave off for every file, but with a small change in your registry you can kill this feature.

Disable AutoSave for Office 2016 ProPlus

Run the following PowerShell code to create a new registry subkey to turn the feature off:

If you want to restore the feature, simply remove the subkey DontAutoSave in the given path.