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Fix error code 17006 when adding product to existing Office 365 ProPlus install

When you want to add a Office program to an existing Office 365 ProPlus installation with PDQ Deploy or SCCM it’s necessary to add the FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN property to the xml file. If you don’t do that, you will probably get error code 17006.

If you already have a deployment setup you might have an config.xml file similar to this:

As you can see we excluded Access, InfoPath and Publisher in the default installation. When you want to add one of these apps later to the installation you will need to create a separate config file where you include the app in question.

For example, when you want to install Publisher, you only remove the ExcludeApp id line for Publisher. This way Office 365 ProPlus will be installed / updated with Publisher. Everything else that you exclude here will be removed. So keep that in mind.

For adding Publisher you create the following config file:

Notice line 12, here we added the ForceAppShutdown property. This will close any open Office 365 apps that will otherwise prevent the installation of the additional product.