Opening UWP apps like Edge in Full Screen Mode

You can run Microsoft Edge and other UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps in fullscreen mode by pressing the key combo Win + Shift + Enter . But what if you want to open it from command line in full screen mode? There is no command line switch (like -kiosk from Chrome) to start it full screen so I created a small Powershell Script that will open any UWP app in full screen mode by sending the key stroke.

The script self is pretty simple, we just open the UWP application and send the key stroke. The hard part was to send the Windows Key with Powershell, luckily Stefan Stranger created a function that will allow you the press the Windows Key from within Powershell.

So I combined that script with the right key combo and the start command and we are all set. You can download the script here from my Technet Gallery and run it as follows:

.\StartUWPAppFullScreen.ps1 -app microsoft-edge -value ''


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