Update / change start menu layout Windows 10 pro for existing users

There are plenty of articles about change the Windows 10 start menu for all users, all have in common that they only seem to work for new users logging in. I needed a way to change it for users that already have profile and I don’t have Windows 10 Enterprise.

The Win 10 start menu is store in a database file, so you can’t really manipulate the menu layout. But there is way to replace it, only keep in mind that you will replace the whole start menu including the recent opened items. Another pre-request is that the users should be logged of and you will need to have administrator permissions (but that should not be an issue ).

  1. Create the Start Menu layout, make sure you don’t use any App in the layout. Apps need to be installed under the user account, so they won’t work. Only normal applications like Adobe Reader and system application like Calculator will work.
  2. Log the user of and login in as an administrator.
  3. Copy the data from %systemdrive%\users\<username>\appdata\local\TileDataLayer to a network share.
  4. Run the following script on the client machine:

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The script will go trough all users folders looking for the folder “TileDataLayer”. If found it will remove it and copy the new layout to it.



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3 thoughts on “Update / change start menu layout Windows 10 pro for existing users”

  1. Is it possible to add an extra Tile in the existing users start menu layout?. i really do not want to change the Users pinned apps. all the solutions i found so far is only for new users and it will change the whole layout. kindly help me on this.

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