Best Halloween Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

With Halloween coming up it’s nice to give your Microsoft Teams background a spooky Halloween feeling. You could of course style your whole room in a Halloween theme, but that might be a bit too much work.

An easier option is to use one of these handpicked Halloween Teams backgrounds. I have hand-picked the best Halloween backgrounds for you to use. You can download all the images for free. If you want to know how to install the backgrounds, check out this article where I explain it step-by-step.

You can not only use these Halloween backgrounds for Teams but also for Zoom of course!

Halloween Teams Backgrounds

Below you will find the best Halloween teams backgrounds for you to use. Each background is tested and hand-picked.

Sneaky Pumpkin

halloween teams background
Photo by Eleanor Brooke on Unsplash

This sneaky pumpkin will attend your Teams Meetings looking over your shoulder.

Halloween Graveyard background Teams

halloween wallpaper
src: Reddit

This Halloween Graveyard from the game Hitman2 is a perfect background for Teams.

Pumpkin and Skull on Table

Halloween zoom background
Photo by Chokniti Khongchum

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

If you want something a bit softer than the scary Halloween backgrounds, this is a great option for Teams.

Dark Spider web

Spider web
Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash

A spider web is always good when it comes to Halloween.

Angry Pumpkins

Pumpkins background
Photo by Taylor Foss on Unsplash

What is Halloween without pumpkins? These pumpkins are great company during your online meetings

Halloween Living Room Background

Halloween background teams
src: Reddit

Want to stay indoors with Halloween? This spooky living room is a great fit!

Spooky Forest

Spooky forest

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

3D Jack-o’-Lantern

Jack-o'-Lantern background
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Hand-Drawn Halloween Background

Halloween wallpaper
free background photos from

A nice cartoon-styled and hand-drawn Halloween background. This one looks really great in Teams or Zoom.

Halloween Moon

Moon background
Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper

Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

If you want to keep it simple, then this aesthetic wallpaper is a good choice.

Best Halloween Teams Background

halloween background microsoft teams
Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS from Pixabay

Make sure that you sit exactly in the center of the video, so you are in front of the large Jack o’ Latern. This way you are surrounded by all the small Jack o’ Laterns in the background, making this one of my favorite Halloween backgrounds for Teams and Zoom.

Autumn Scene

autumn wallpaper
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Simple Halloween Background for Teams

simple halloween background
Image by Freepik

Sometimes simple is the best. This artistic background is perfect if you want to keep it simple.

Halloween Cobweb 

Image by Freepik

Jack ‘o Lantern

haloween background microsoft teams
Photo by Miguel Teirlinck on Unsplash

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin
Photo by Antonio Gabola on Unsplash

Group of Jack ‘o Lanterns

Halloween Pumpkins
Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash

Pumpkins Halloween Teams Background

Halloween Pumpkin background teams
Photo by nicolas reymond on Unsplash

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Installing Halloween Backgrounds

There are a couple of ways to install the Halloween Teams background. If you only want to use one signal image then the easiest option is to add it at the beginning of a meeting in Teams. If you can’t decide which Halloween background to use, then you can copy all of them to a folder on your computer.

You can find a step-by-step description here in this article, including some funny backgrounds for you to use after the holidays 😉

Also make sure that you check-out these Christmas backgrounds for next month!

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