Microsoft 365 F1 Details and Prices

Microsoft 365 F1, created for the firstline workers. A mostly cloud based Office 365 license with the benefits of EMS and a Windows 10 license. So I was wondering, what do you get exactly with this Microsoft 365 plan? And how does it compare to Office 365 F1?

In this article I will explain the details of Microsoft 365 F1. We are going to compare it to Office 365 F1 and I am going to tell you how much it costs per user. If you have any questions, just drop a comment below.

Microsoft 365 F1 – What is it?

So lets first start with a little background information about Microsoft 365 F1. What is it and for what kind of users would you buy a F1 plan?

Microsoft wants to give every worker the tools and capabilities to participate in your business and to share and gain knowledge. Your typical firstline worker normally doesn’t have access to corporate email, Yammer (intranet), SharePoint or Teams to chat.

Microsoft 365 F1

By giving these users access to Office 365 they can easily access information, find and share information and get access to training materials. They also get access to Microsoft StaffHub, a purpose-built app to plan firstline workers, track tasks, clock in/out and stay up to date on Yammer announcements.

What is included in Microsoft 365 F1

Just like with the other Microsoft 365 plans, you will get everything from the corresponding Office 365 plan, so in this case Office 365 F1. You will also get Enterprise Mobility and Security features and Windows Enterprise E3.

There are some important limitation to the Office 365 F1 plan, below you will find the most important ones:


Users get a 2GB mailbox that they can only access with Outlook Online or from there mobile phone.


Also the OneDrive storage is limited, if the F1 plans the users only get 2GB if cloud storage. Cloud storage means that the user can’t sync the files to there desktop.


The users are also limited when it comes to Microsoft Flow. They can only run 750 flows a month and they can’t create there own Flows.


F1 users have access to Microsoft Teams, but they are limited to one-to-one calls and they can’t create meetings.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

With Microsoft 365 F1 your will get the full EMS E3 plan. If you want to know more about what is exactly include, then you can check this article about Microsoft 365.

Windows Enterprise E3

In Microsoft F1 is also Windows Enterprise E3 included. If you like at the price of the F1 plan then it’s hard to believe. It isn’t then also the full version of Windows Enterprise E3, some Enterprise features are missing.

Missing in the Window license are for example the virtualization rights, downgrade right and other versions/edition rights. So it can run only on the local machine.

Microsoft 365 F1 Price

So what does Microsoft 365 F1 cost? The price is listed for $ 10 per user per month. Is’t worth the money? Well, adding EMS to your Office 365 suite is from security perspective a good idea. You will get the tools to easily secure and protect your data and devices.

If we compare the price against the individual products then we can say the the F1 plan is a good deal. Windows Enterprise E3 (local only) can’t be bought separately.

Office 365 F1$ 4
EMS E3$ 9
Windows 10 E3 (local only)-
Total$ 13
Microsoft 365 F1$ 10

The normal Windows Enterprise E3 cost $ 7 per user per month. So you can see that the F1 plan is price really good for what you get.

Plan details

Below you will find a comparison chart between Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1 to give you a better idea of the included services.

 Office 365Microsoft 365
Core Details   
Price user/month (annual commitment)  $ 4.00 $ 10.00
Seat Cap UnlimitedUnlimited
24/7 Phone support All issuesAll issues
Desktop version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher 
Web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote 
Office apps on tablets and phones 
Windows 10 Enterprise E3 
Standard Services   
OneDrive for Business Cloud only (2GB)Cloud only (2GB)
Email, Calendar (Exchange)  Kiosk (2GB) Kiosk (2GB)
Online meetings, IM (Skype for Business) 
Communication and team sites (SharePoint) 
Team hub (Teams) 
Enterprise Social (Yammer) 
Content discovery and search (Delve) 
Manage schedules and daily staff work tasks (StaffHub) 
Manage tasks and teamworks (Planner) 
Advanced Services   
Active Directory integration 
Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365 
Licensed for hybrid deployment 
Support for shared computer activation 
Video content management 
Compliance – Archiving, eDiscovery, hold 
Windows Information protection – message encryption, RMS, DLP 
Device Management   
Azure Active Direcory Plan 1  
Microsoft Intune  
Fine Tuned User Experience  
Windows Analitycs Health  
Windows Autopilot  
Advanced Security Features   
Azure Information Protection Plan 1  
Device Guard  
Credential Guard  
Direct Access  
Windows Defender Antivirus  
Windows Hello  
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics  
More Info  More Info
& Prices
More Info
& Prices

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  1. May I know if a F1 user can open an previous Outlook version’s archive file like Outlook 2013 to import to the online mailbox?

  2. Hello Ruud! I have concerns about O365 F1 – we are being told that we are not allowed to change languages as part of the licensing restrictions. Are you aware of this and is there a workaround?

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