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Office 365 is becoming Microsoft 365

Microsoft is changing the names of the Office 365 business plans to Microsoft 365. Only the name is changing, the prices and the features that you get are still the same.

The reason for the change is that Microsoft want to reflexed better what you get. With Office, most people only think of the standard Office apps, like Outlook, Word and Excel. In the business plans you will get a lot more, then only the default Office apps, like Invoicing, Bookings, Teams, etc.

The new Office 365 Plan names

The new plan names will be effected from April 21 2020.

Office 365 Business Essentials>Microsoft 365 Business Basics
Office 365 Business Premium>Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Microsoft 365 Business>Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Office 365 Business>Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
Office 365 ProPlus>Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Which plan names won’t change?

To be clear, not all Office 365 plan names are changing. The plans for Enterprise, Front-line workers, Education and Government will keep the name Office 365:

  • Office 365 for Enterprises
    • Office 365 E1
    • Office 365 E3
    • Office 365 E5
  • Office 365 for Front-line workers
    • Office 365 F1
  • Office 365 for Education
    • Office 365 A1
    • Office 365 A3
    • Office 365 A5
  • Office 365 for Government
    • Office 365 G1
    • Office 365 G3
    • Office 365 G5


In the coming months, we will need to get used to the new plan names. In the end, Microsoft’s goal is to make the differences between the plans more clear and easier for the customers to choose the correct plans.

I will update the older articles and comparisons where necessary in the coming weeks to match the new plan names so you can easily select the correct plan for your business.

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