OneDrive 64bit is coming, but Don’t install it yet!

The most requested feature on the OneDrive UserVoice is a 64bit version of the OneDrive client. Yes, your current OneDrive client is still running on 32 bit. The request on the UserVoice is almost 5 years old, but it still isn’t finished.

onedrive 64bit

This month a 64-bit “insider” version was spotted by Florian. In the Tweet, you will find a download link to the 64-bit OneDrive client, which is actually a leaked version of the new client.

The OneDrive 64bit client is officially released now

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The new OneDrive 64bit client is far from finished and should not be used in a production environment. If we take a look at the build number to start with, the currently released build for the Insiders ring is 20.219.x where the 64-bit version is at 20.249.x.

onedrive 64bit leaked version

Besides it being a leaked, and thus unsupported version, the 64bit OneDrive client is also missing some crucial features, like:

  • No context menu in the explorer. So no right-click and share, or open online version
  • When you turn off the File on-demand feature, all the status icons of the files are gone
  • The syncing of files that you have shared with others isn’t working correctly
  • No image thumbnails

So it’s nice to see that the 64bit client of OneDrive is coming, but we will have to wait a bit longer before we can actually use it.

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