How-to Send email from Alias in Microsoft Office 365

A long-requested feature to send emails from an alias in Office 365 seems to be finally released. The feature has not been announced yet, but it’s already documented in the service description and seems to work fine.

This new feature should become available for Outlook on Windows this month and for Outlook Online later this year according to the roadmap. But I have tested both and it seems to work in Outlook Online as well.

When you use an alias to send an email from it will be preserved in the From and Reply to field for the recipient. The recipient will see only your alias and not your primary email address.

Enable send from alias in Office 365

The send from alias option is turned off by default, so if you want to use this feature you will need to enable it in Exchange Online with PowerShell.

Make sure you have the latest Exchange Online PowerShell module installed in PowerShell. We can enable the feature by setting the SendFromAliasEnabled to True in the organization config:

# Connect to Exchange Online
Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName [email protected]

# Enable Send from Alias
Set-OrganizationConfig -SendFromAliasEnabled $true

It can take a couple of minutes until the feature is fully working in your tenant. During my first test, I could send the mail from the alias, but the reply-to field wasn’t set. The recipient just saw my primary email address.

After waiting another 5 minutes and testing it again everything worked as expected.

Sending email from an alias

Your Microsoft Office 365 administrator will need to add an alias to your account first before you can use this feature. Users can’t create aliases themself.

To send mail from your alias address in Outlook is pretty simple. Make sure that the From field is displayed (otherwise enable it under options).

  • Select From
  • Choose Other email address..
  • Type your alias and click Ok

The next time you can just select the alias from the dropdown menu in the From field.

send email from alias office 365

I have tested it by sending email from the alias to Gmail and other Exchange Online tenants and everything seems to work. The recipient only sees the alias address and the reply goes back to the alias as well.

send from alias in Outlook

Wrapping Up

Because the feature to send email from alias in Office 365 has not been official released yet by Microsoft you should be careful with using this for important emails. Just keep an eye on the roadmap or the message in the Admin Center to known when this option is fully supported.

If you have any questions just drop a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “How-to Send email from Alias in Microsoft Office 365”

  1. I just set this up and when I receive an email on my corp outlook or my protonmail web client sent via the alias assigned in Exchange 365 I still see the full (non-alias) email address in the from and also the reply.

    I am able to send via the alias as I was not able to previously, however the observation I am making is that the default email / user is being displayed in the sender field.

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