Tips from an other Admin

Turn off and disable UAC in Windows 10

UAC (User Account Control) is part of Windows security system to prevent unwanted installations or changes of apps and system settings. This results in annoying popups which will ask you confirmation everytime you change or install something. Better is to use a traditional security model with administrator accounts and normal users. To disable UAC in Windows 10 go to Start…

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Custom theme for Citrix Storefront 2.6 and Netscaler 10.x

Last week we replaced our Citrix Secure Gateway and Web interface with Storefront and Netscaler. By default the layout of Storefront and Netscaler match that of Citrix Receiver. The design is not bad, but I always want to do a little bit of company branding for my users. (So they know they are at the right place 😉 ) Because our logo…

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