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Best Online IT Training Resources 2017

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting in the IT or if you already working 20 years in the business, every IT guy needs to keep learning. With our busy schedules these days there is little time to attend to classes, so self study with online courses is the way to go. There are many platform to follow courses,…

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Disable AutoSave for Office 365

When you are storing your files on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint online with Office 2016, you get the option to AutoSave you changes. This option is on by default and it will save you changes to the cloud as you are working. A nice feature, but in an business environment it can cause some issues. You can always…

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Fixing your Lumea Battery Charging Issue, for less than $1/£1/€1

My original post about how to repair your Lumea when the batteries are dead is becoming quite popular. As a result an electronics designer from the UK, Shamus Husheer, reached out with another, cheaper solution. He was handed a dead Lumea and just like you did, searched for a solution online. He found my original post and noticed that the…

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Word – Fix Compile error in Hidden module

When you are working with Word or Excel and are using macro’s and you receive the following error “Compile error in hidden Module” you are probably missing Microsoft Visual Basic Common Controls. This is a .ocx file the should recite in your system32 or syswow64 folder. So the fix is pretty simple here: Step 1 – Check if you have…

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Archive users Mailbox in Office 365 with Retention Policies

With Office 365 you can add retention policies to preserve content – email, documents, instant messages, for an x amount of time. We can use these retention policies to preserve the mail content from terminated users, so we can access the data without the need of an Office 365 license. To enable retention policies, you need at least an Exchange…

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