Best Smart Home Gifts for 2019

LaMetric Wifi Clock

The one gift that you can’t go wrong with are Smart Home Gifts. Because it doesn’t really matter for who you are buying the gift. They may have already some Smart Home products or are just starting with their Smart Home. A new Smart Home product is always welcome. So you are probably looking for … Read moreBest Smart Home Gifts for 2019

Unifi Outdoor AP – What are your options?

In your house you have a great wifi network, the wireless network coverage is perfect and the speed blazingly fast. But as soon as you step outside into your garden your wireless network signal plummets down and by the time you reach your outdoor lounge set, you will have to switch to 4G. Sounds familiar? … Read moreUnifi Outdoor AP – What are your options?

How to setup an Edgerouter as VPN Client


VPN clients are getting really popular in the last couple of years and for a good reason. They protect your privacy and allow you to use the internet without any restrictions (Think of watching Netflix series that are not available in your county yet). Now the downside of VPN is that you will need a … Read moreHow to setup an Edgerouter as VPN Client

Router Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Home Router Setup

The router is one of the most important network components in your network. It connects your local network with the internet. A good Router Setup is important to assure you get the best performance of your network. In this article, I will walk you through on how to setup any router in general. The basic … Read moreRouter Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Port Forwarding – How to set it up

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is used to allow external devices (PlayStation network for example) to connect to your internal devices (PS4). With port forwarding, we can tell the router where to forward the packets that are meant for your PS4 for example. By default, our firewall will block all incoming traffic, which is good. Otherwise, a hacker … Read morePort Forwarding – How to set it up

Ping Command – Howto use it to troubleshoot your Network

ping cmd

The Ping Command, one of the most used commands by SysAdmins. The Ping cmd sends small packets of data to a specified IP Address or Hostname. It measures how long it took for the response to return and how many packets are lost during the test. The Ping Cmd is a simple command to use, … Read morePing Command – Howto use it to troubleshoot your Network

Unifi Network Calculator

I got a lot of questions about what Unifi products people should buy, depending on their house, the number of network devices and maybe even network cameras. So I figured, it’s maybe possible to calculate what products you need based on a couple of questions. The form tries to find the best value for your … Read moreUnifi Network Calculator

WiFi connected but no Internet? Fix it in 5 min!

Wifi Connected no Internet

A problem we all have encountered ones at least. You can connect to your (new) WiFi network, but you don’t have internet access. We are going to fix the WiFi connected but no Internet problem in 5 minutes. I have split the solutions in multiple scenarios and listed the most common issue (and solution for … Read moreWiFi connected but no Internet? Fix it in 5 min!

Finding a new Password Manager – Keeper vs 1Password vs LastPass

1Password vs Keeper vs LastPass

I have been using password managers for more than 10 years now. I mainly used KeePass which is working fine for me personally, but I always missed specific features. So I started looking into a new password manager and limited the choices down to Keeper vs 1Password vs LastPass. The reason why I am looking … Read moreFinding a new Password Manager – Keeper vs 1Password vs LastPass