Power Automate – Expression Editor and Dynamic Content Update

One of the most annoying things about Power Automate, the former Microsoft Flow, is the small, odd placed Expression Editor. Good to know is that Microsoft is working on an update that is available for you to try out right now. In this article, I … Read morePower Automate – Expression Editor and Dynamic Content Update

OneDrive vs Google Drive – What you Need to Know

Storing your (personal) data in the cloud is by far the safest option to go for. You can access your data from everywhere, and your data won’t be lost when your computer or storage device crashes. But the question is, should you go for OneDrive … Read moreOneDrive vs Google Drive – What you Need to Know

How-to Enable Sharepoint External Sharing

One of the great advantages of SharePoint Online and OneDrive is that you can easily share your content not only internally, but also with external and guest users. In SharePoint Online is external sharing turned on by default for all your SharePoint Sites. Now you … Read moreHow-to Enable Sharepoint External Sharing

Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration – Tips and Methods

Businesses that rely on Microsoft 365 for managing their data and business activities often need to perform tenant to tenant migration at some point, especially during the time of mergers and procurements or rebranding and divestiture. But, Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration is not … Read moreMicrosoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration – Tips and Methods

SharePoint Storage – Limits, Pricings, and Tips

Ever wondered why your SharePoint Storage doesn’t lower after deleting some files? Or why your SharePoint Storage is already full even though the site metrics tell something else? SharePoint online is great, but it can be a bit confusing sometimes how the SharePoint storage limits … Read moreSharePoint Storage – Limits, Pricings, and Tips

CloudAlly Review – Microsoft 365 Backup

Last month I wrote an article about why you should backup Microsoft 365. During the research and comparison between the different providers, one product stood out, CloudAlly. They offer everything you need for a really good price. A good reason to do a thorough review … Read moreCloudAlly Review – Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft Office 365 Backup – What are Your Options

Most people will say that you don’t need to backup your Office 365 data, which is partially true. Microsoft 365 comes with a couple of built-in mechanisms to protect your data and abilities to restore it until a certain point. But what if you want … Read moreMicrosoft Office 365 Backup – What are Your Options

Microsoft 365 Business Plans Compared

In April 2020 Microsoft has changed the names of the Office 365 Business plans to Microsoft 365 Business. Before this name change, we had only Microsoft 365 Business, but now we have Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, and Apps for Business. Only the names … Read moreMicrosoft 365 Business Plans Compared