PDF Preview in Outlook 2016 with PDF xChange 7.0.323 not working

The PDF preview in Outlook 2016 doesn’t work anymore with PDF xChange editor build 7.0.323.  You should be able to re-register the dll, but that doesn’t seem to work.

For now the only option is to downgrade or wait for the next update, Tracker Software has found the cause and it should be solved in build  7.0.323.1.

Mouse freezes when previewing an Excel file in Outlook 2016

Does your Outlook freezes when previewing an Excel file in Outlook 2016? Well it’s easy to fix, there is no need to disable Excel add-ins or running Outlook in safe mode. Just disable scroll inactive windows in the settings menu. To fix the issue, goto: Settings > Mouse  (or start and type “mouse settings”) Disable  Scroll inactive windows when I hover…

Outlook 2010 only starting in safe mode sins 8 Dec 2015

After just closing and opening Outlook 2010 I got stuck in the safe mode, no matter what I tried, Outlook only opens in safe mode. Normally this happens if a add-in causes Outlook to crash. That didn’t happen this time, this behavior is caused the Windows Update KB3114409 which was intended to prevent Outlook 2010 from starting in the safe mode, but…