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Manage Office 365 Group Members and Owners with PowerShell

With PowerShell UnifiedGrouplinks cmdlet we can easily manage the Office 365 Group member- and ownerships. The UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet is part of the Exchange Online PowerShell session. So before we can start adding Office 365 Group Members or change them to Owner we first need to connect to Exchange Online. Connecting to Exchange Online First we need to connect to Exchange Online, you…

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Copy Sharepoint list items to another list with Powershell and PnP

You can easily copy Sharepoint list items to another list with Powershell and PnP. First connect to the source Sharepoint site. You can use one of mine connector scripts for it here at Technet. Or connect to Sharepoint with:

Get the list items Now we need to retrieve the list items that we want to copy:

Copy the items…

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Show duplicate content in SharePoint Online Search Results

Are you not seeing all results when searching for documents in Sharepoint? Are you confident that there is another, newer version? Then probably it’s filtered out by Sharepoints duplicate content removal in the search results. A document does not have to be 100% similar to be flagged as duplicate, similar documents or sites seems to be removed also. You can’t…

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