Best Microsoft Teams Animated Backgrounds

Meetings should be fun or interesting to keep everyone’s attention. A good way to keep your participants’ attention is to use animated backgrounds in Teams. Microsoft is finally adding the feature for animated backgrounds in Teams. And even though we can’t easily upload our own animated backgrounds yet, we have a workaround for it.

As you can read in this article, we can add our own animated backgrounds to Teams with a small trick. So all we need are some funny or best animated backgrounds for Teams to get started.

I have hand-picked the best and most funny animated backgrounds for you to use. You can download all videos for free. Follow the guide in this article to install the animated background.

Best Animated Teams Backgrounds

We are going to start with some of the best animated backgrounds for Teams that we can use.

Cozy Autumn Rain

best animated background teams
By  Jeff Östberg x Genevieve Lacroix

A beautiful and relaxing background that loops perfectly. You can find the video here on Reddit. You can download the video using this link.

Backyard Rain

funny animated background teams
src: Reddit

A rainy day is a perfect day to work from home. You can download the video here.

Working from a Coffee Shop

Microsoft Teams animated background
src: Reddit

This animated background for Teams is the perfect option when you want to let people think you are working from a coffee shop. You can download the video here.

Outdoor Meeting

video background teams
Src: Reddit

Attend the meeting while sitting in your virtual garden. You can download the video here.

Funny Animated Teams Backgrounds

Meetings need to be fun, below you will find some of the funniest animated backgrounds for Teams that you can use.

Game of Pong

ping pong background teams

This one will for sure keeps everyone’s attention on the meeting. You can find this video on YouTube. The download it you can use one of the many online YouTube to MP4 tools.

Baby Yoda

yoda background
src: Reddit

Are you into Star Wars? Then this animated background with Baby Yoda is a great option. Download the video here.


Boating animated background
src: Reddit

Take a quiet sunset meeting from the lake on your boat. You can download a good loop version here from Google Drive.

Star Trek TOS Background

Start Trek background Teams
src: Reddit

If you like Star Trek, then this animated background is a must-have. You can download the video file of the background here.

Attend meeting from a Carwash

Funny Microsoft Teams Background
src: Reddit

Attend a meeting while you go through the carwash, this will for sure give a nice start to the meetings. Download the animated background here from this Google Drive link.

Sitting with Chewbacca

Star wars background
Src: Reddit

Need a companion during the meeting? Then Chewbacca got you covered. Download the video here.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like some of these animated backgrounds for Microsoft Teams. Make sure you check out this article on how to use them in Microsoft Teams. Also if you want to use static images as background, then check out this list with hand-picked funny backgrounds for Teams.

If you know other good or funny animated backgrounds for Teams, then drop the link to the video and source in the comments below!

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  1. really like the animated stuff and get a lot of possitive reation so great work !
    any other funny movies are welcome ( looking for some winter skiing action that I used to have in zoom )

  2. “As you can read in this article, we can add our own animated backgrounds to Teams with a small trick. ”
    So, where’s the description of the “small trick” to upload the animated backgrounds to Teams?

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