Tips from an other Admin

Managing email addresses with PowerShell

One of the most common tasks as an administrator is to find, change or add an email address to a user mailbox.  PowerShell makes this tasks a lot easier, you can easily find the users where the e-mail address belongs to and add or remove an alias. In this article I will show you some tips howto find an e-mail…

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Office 365 Comparison chart – Business Plans vs F1, E1, E3 and E5

Selecting the right Office 365 version is an important step before migrating to the cloud and with the many Office 365 plans available it can be hard to find the right plan for you situation. There are multiple options for business and enterprise organisations, bringing different features and limitations. This Office 365 comparison chart reveals the different options that are…

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Setup Unifi ap without Controller

So you want enterprise class wifi at home, but don’t want to use a controller? Normally you install Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points with a controller. This way you can easily manage multiple access points and keep them all in sync and up-to-date. But what if you don’t want to keep a pc running 24/7/? Do you really need to controller? Nope,…

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