Get-ADObject – How to Find and Export AD Objects with PowerShell


Every user, computer, container, or OU in the Active Directory is an object. For each of those are dedicated cmdlets that we can use to retrieve or update information. But to get deleted objects we will need to use the Get-ADObject cmdlet. The Get-ADObject cmdlet … Read moreGet-ADObject – How to Find and Export AD Objects with PowerShell

How to Demote (Remove) a Domain Controller

After you have installed new domain controllers there comes a moment when you need to remove or better said, demote the old domain controller. Old domain controllers can’t just be simply turned off, they need to be properly removed from the domain. In some cases … Read moreHow to Demote (Remove) a Domain Controller

How to Deploy Windows LAPS – [Step-by-Step]

Windows LAPS

Windows LAPS is a Windows feature that allows you to automatically set and backup local administrator passwords of your domain-joined devices. LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution), creates a unique and random password for each device in your network and stores it in the Active Directory … Read moreHow to Deploy Windows LAPS – [Step-by-Step]