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Export Yammer user profile photos with PowerShell

Yammer allows you to export the users to a CSV file, but that comes without there profile picture. But there is a Yammer API, so with PowerShell and the data from the CSV file we are able to get the profile pictures as well. Export the Yammer Users CSV file First we need a CSV file with all the users,…

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Installing Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi in 5 min

I have some domotica stuff at home and one of things I wanted to do is readout the connected WiFi devices. So I needed a device to run the Unifi Controller on, something small, cheap and with low running costs. That’s where the Raspberry Pi comes in. In the guide below I will explain how you can install and run…

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Enable BitLocker on Windows 10

We can use PowerShell to enable Bitlocker on domain joined Windows 10 machines. By using PowerShell for this task we can deploy it to multiple machines at ones and in the meantime store the recover password in the Active Directory. How To enable Bitlocker with PowerShell The basic With the use of te BitLocker Windows Powershell cmdlets we can, for…

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Manage Office 365 Group Members and Owners with PowerShell

With PowerShell UnifiedGrouplinks cmdlet we can easily manage the Office 365 Group member- and ownerships. The UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet is part of the Exchange Online PowerShell session. So before we can start adding Office 365 Group Members or change them to Owner we first need to connect to Exchange Online. Connecting to Exchange Online First we need to connect to Exchange Online, you…

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