Fix Philips Espresso Machine not Dispensing Coffee

This is not a normal subject I write about, both maybe it helps somebody. My Philips Espresso Machine wasn’t dispensing coffee anymore. I was still making hot water and also grinding the coffee, but the coffee didn’t came out of it.

After trying every possible solution from the user manual and the Philips support site I was about the send it out for repairs (the machine was only 6 months old, so I had still warranty on it). But the repairs would take two weeks, and with working from home I really can’t miss my coffee for so long.

Now I have fixed Philips products before (and helpt a lot of people with sharing the details of it), so I hope this article helps you as well.

The diaganose

So I first checked every possible solution in the manual. I could here the coffee get grinded and hot water was still coming out. The manual suggest to check for the following problems:

  • Air inside the system. You can fix that by setting a couple of cups of hot water
  • Coffee not getting grinded. Check it by cleaning the brewer, place it back, and set a cup of coffee. If there is coffee residue then you know that coffee is getting grinded.
  • Calc. You can clear calc with the Philips Descaler.
  • Dispensing spout is clogged. Clear it with the back of a spoon.

Given that the machine is only 6 months old and I am using the CA6903 Water Filter, I didn’t think that calc was the problem. Hot water is still coming out, including steam. Because the water wasn’t coming out of the coffee dispenser if figured that it must be clogged.

Now Philips suggest you use a needle to clear it, but there is an easier way to check it:

  1. Remove the water tank
  2. Take out the brewer group
  3. There is a small noize in the top left corner, get a straw, place it over the noizle and blow on it.
Philips Espresso Machine not dispensing coffee

Air should come out of the coffee dispenser.

The real problem and solution

But that wasn’t the problem either. So even though I knew better, I got a bottle of descaler, and used it to clean the Espresso machine incase any calc was the problem. That didn’t help either.

I was about to give up when I took one last good look at the inside of the espress machine and notice a small silicon O-Ring was torn:

Fix Espresso Machine

With 4 bar on it when the water comes out of it, a torn o-ring will spray the water everywhere, except to your coffee.

So I contacted Philips because I still had a warranty on it and they have sent me new o-rings for this nozzle. Below you will find the correct specifications/part numbers for the O-Rings.

  • O-Ring ORM0090-20 Silicon (art nr 9516648)
  • O-Ring ORM0050-20 Silicon (art nr 9970787)


I hope you have fixed your espresso machine as well with this small fixed. During my diagnose I have used the following YouTube video: that really good explains how to clean your brewer and how the brewer self works.

53 thoughts on “Fix Philips Espresso Machine not Dispensing Coffee”

  1. Thanks much! I’ve tried everything, just like you. It wasn’t until reading this that I realized the o ring could be just torn, not broke. I looked yet again and that was the issue. You’re a lifesaver!

  2. Thanks for the article, very helpful.

    I did all the above and changed O ring with no luck. Water coming out of hot water spout just fine. When go to make coffee it’s grinding but no water is getting to the coffee.

  3. I just wanna express my gratitude too. Was about to just get a new one but decided to search around for a tiny bit and your post found me a solution in less then 2 minutes of looking for an answer.

    Thank you <3

  4. THANK THANK THANK YOU! I spent 3 days cleaning my brew group with a toothbrush and toothpick, and greasing it all up and even descaling twice. Then I also noticed the O-ring was broken in mine, and that was causing the leakage and no hot water to go into the brew group. Already day 3 of no coffee, but replacement is coming in 2 days.

    It’s crazy how common this problem is but nothing in the Manuel or any extra rings in the box.

    I almost bought a completely new machine, probs what Philips wanted.

  5. Incredible! Such an easy fix! I bought 10 of these o-rings at Home Depot for $3 and the problem was fixed in minutes. I dreaded calling customer service and sending in the machine for who knows how much they would have charged. Thanks again!

  6. Fantastic, thankyou for this. I had the same issue Had trouble finding the seal kit here in the uk and what i did find was about 4gbp plus postage for each seal but no need to buy the expensive ones!I eventually went to a shop. These are available at a fraction of the cost At my local seals and bearings shop. They measured them up and supplied me with them. They must be silicone of course.
    If anyone wants details reply here they are about 60p each So just over a pound for 2 !

  7. Ruud,
    You are my hero. In mere moments you helped me solve the issue of my Philips Lattego, meanwhile the Philips website was useless and they were not answering their customer support line. Thank you for solving this mystery!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! My 2+ year old Saeco pico barista was out of warranty and Phillips had no more ideas on troubleshooting. My only option was to send to Seattle for repair, all on my dime. (Or buy a new $1300 machine!)

    With your article I fixed it in 15 minutes flat- clogged dispenser – and the straw trick worked like a charm.
    Thank you, coffee angel!

  9. Wow, that worked like a charm!! I can’t thank you enough! 10000 points to griffindor (or whichever).

  10. Came for article about EOP and got this – you are a lifesaver, thank you! My husband will be finally getting the correct amount of coffee in the morning so world (or homeoffice) will be once again happy place 😀

  11. Thank you! OMG, I wasted several bottles of descaler and new filters! Then I read this and same split – I bought my machine August 2021. I’ll call Philips on Monday but might go to Home depot tomorrow, too. Was it easy to replace – just slip it on? Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • I found it pretty straightforward to slip off. I did use a toothpick just to “catch” the worn-out O-ring so that I could lift it off the edge and then pull it off. Installing the new one is just a matter of rolling it on into place.

  12. Thank you soooooo much for this, you are a godsend.

    Took out the part and saw the o-ring was torn on the side where i couldn’t see it without disassembling.

    New o-rings are on their way right now.

  13. Just experienced the same issue with a Philips 3200 only 10 months old! I didn’t expect this from a US $700 machine. They should just have included a few O-Rings in the box and been upfront about the likelihood of this occurring … penny-wise, pound-foolish!

    Thank you Carl for the O-ring spec 9×2 mm. For folks in the US, Home Depot and Lowes both carry Danco #7 (part no. 96724) which is close enough (3/8″ inner diameter, 1/2″ outer diameter, 1/16″ cross section). Can’t attest to their longevity, but for 30 cents each, I can replace them quite often without breaking the bank.

  14. Thanks for this post. Had exactly same issue, 7 months after purchase to the day. Also, the model numbers on the packages helped a lot. Thanks again!

  15. Thank you, this was very helpful. I had called Philips about my drip tray filling up very quickly. I was told to descale. But it was the O-ring and the Philips troubleshooting never mentioned this possibility.

    • You are awesome! This morning my machine started to do the same thing and I was bummed. Found it was a bad o ring. Ordered them for a few bucks. Thanks again. Lifesaver

  16. Thanks for sharing Rudy. I change the o-ring but it’s always the same problem once a month. Is there an absolute resolve about this problem.

  17. Thanks for posting this. Was noticing less coffee being dispensed than normal. Torn o-ring. Replaced with o-ring I had on hand and back to normal!

  18. This solved my problem. For future references measurement on O-ring that worked for me was 9x2mm.

    Had my machine for less then 5 months. Also I must say I expected more from Philips when I paid over 800€ for a coffemachine, not a single word about it in the manual despite the fact that seemingly many people have this same problem. Luckily I stumbled upon this thread, thanks alot.

  19. Hello Rudy, Thank you ! waking up on Sunday morning… no coffee.. cleaning the machine.. still no coffee. Searching the internet, no luck.. until I found your post… saved my day..
    At 1230 same day I had my coffee again. Bought a o-ring at the local shop… different color o-ring… looked the same size… and is working.

    thanks for the post.
    Regards, Rob

  20. You saved me from sending my machine to be serviced. I ordered these o-rings and replaced, it fixed the issue. Then I called Phillips and explained the situation, they couldn’t reimburse me so they sent another set of o-rings.

  21. WOW thank you you just fixed my machine!! Exact same problem 6 months old machine!!!

    Thank you so much

    • Thank you so much, I was about to send it to repair (bought one year ago)! Wasted a lot of coffee to try to get it to work again…

  22. Thanks for posting this – I have the 3200 lattego, and if I dispense hotwater (same spout as steam) steam will no longer come out of the spout, but instead just steams internally in the machine and into the drip tray.

    I remove the brew group, dry everything in it and inside the machine, put it back and steam works again until I want hot water. I wish it was the o-rings! They appear fine.

    Ofc Philips wants me to send it in. I have a bbuy warranty so I think I’ll go that route if I can’t figure this out

      • Unfortunately not. I returned it to best buy for a warranty refund and ended up buying a manual dual boiler Italian espresso machine from Clive Coffee.

        It’s a little more work, and $, but the espresso is much better and I believe it will last quite a while.

  23. Hello Ruud, thanks for posting this.

    I am most probably having the exact same issue so your post helped me decide to bypass the Phillips slow service and order the exact same o-rings from a 3rd vendor so I can have the machine working again ASAP. Once again thanks!

  24. Thanks for your post. Same issue here with my maschine (EP2220).
    Just was in contact with Philips and they insist I should send the maschine back for service!
    They say they can not ship the o-rings to me???
    I think I am better of buying a set in my local hardware shop and see if this fixes my problem. Not really willing to be without my maschine for 10 days…

  25. After i unscrew the two screws, how do i get the nozzle out, so i can check the red rings from the back side and replace them?
    It doesn’t just fall out

  26. Hi Ruud, was so helpful to read your article. I have struggled with the same issue and no matter what I did, I was not able to resolve the issue. Thank you for helping me identify the problem. 🙂

  27. Thanks for sharing this. Curious — Was it hard to replace the O-Rings on the nozzle? I believe I am having this EXACT same issue (I actually found a torn piece of the red silicon o-ring in my drip tray after I noticed the issue). I have had my machine less then 90 days and Philips wants me to ship this to a service center. They said they would send me the o-rings but if I break something it voids the warranty. Curious if this is as simple as unscrewing the nozzle (the 2 screws) and taking off the old rings and putting on the new ones, and then just screwing the nozzle back in….or if its more complicated than that.

    • You don’t need to remove anything, you can just slide it on. Wasn’t difficult at all. Let them send you the o-ring, way faster than sending the machine to them 😉

  28. Hey Ruud, just wanted to let you know this was incredibly helpful. Went through the same steps (descaling, cleaning again and again,…) but this is the root cause of the issue. Thank you sooooo much for saving coffee in these homeworking times.

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