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Fix Philips Espresso Machine not Dispensing Coffee

This is not a normal subject I write about, both maybe it helps somebody. My Philips Espresso Machine wasn’t dispensing coffee anymore. I was still making hot water and also grinding the coffee, but the coffee didn’t came out of it.

After trying every possible solution from the user manual and the Philips support site I was about the send it out for repairs (the machine was only 6 months old, so I had still warranty on it). But the repairs would take two weeks, and with working from home I really can’t miss my coffee for so long.

Now I have fixed Philips products before (and helpt a lot of people with sharing the details of it), so I hope this article helps you as well.

The diaganose

So I first checked every possible solution in the manual. I could here the coffee get grinded and hot water was still coming out. The manual suggest to check for the following problems:

  • Air inside the system. You can fix that by setting a couple of cups of hot water
  • Coffee not getting grinded. Check it by cleaning the brewer, place it back, and set a cup of coffee. If there is coffee residue then you know that coffee is getting grinded.
  • Calc. You can clear calc with the Philips Descaler.
  • Dispensing spout is clogged. Clear it with the back of a spoon.

Given that the machine is only 6 months old and I am using the CA6903 Water Filter, I didn’t think that calc was the problem. Hot water is still coming out, including steam. Because the water wasn’t coming out of the coffee dispenser if figured that it must be clogged.

Now Philips suggest you use a needle to clear it, but there is an easier way to check it:

  1. Remove the water tank
  2. Take out the brewer group
  3. There is a small noize in the top left corner, get a straw, place it over the noizle and blow on it.
Philips Espresso Machine not dispensing coffee

Air should come out of the coffee dispenser.

The real problem and solution

But that wasn’t the problem either. So even though I knew better, I got a bottle of descaler, and used it to clean the Espresso machine incase any calc was the problem. That didn’t help either.

I was about to give up when I took one last good look at the inside of the espress machine and notice a small silicon O-Ring was torn:

Fix Espresso Machine

With 4 bar on it when the water comes out of it, a torn o-ring will spray the water everywhere, except to your coffee.

So I contacted Philips because I still had a warranty on it and they have sent me new o-rings for this nozzle. Below you will find the correct specifications/part numbers for the O-Rings.

  • O-Ring ORM0090-20 Silicon (art nr 9516648)
  • O-Ring ORM0050-20 Silicon (art nr 9970787)


I hope you have fixed your espresso machine as well with this small fixed. During my diagnose I have used the following YouTube video: that really good explains how to clean your brewer and how the brewer self works.

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