Microsoft 365 Plans in the EU with and without Teams

Microsoft is coming with new Microsoft 365 plans in the EU and Switzerland. The new plans won’t contain Teams anymore, but you will need to buy it as an add-on. This change is going to be effective from October 1, 2023.

The change is a result of concerns raised by the European Commission about Microsoft Teams being bundled with Microsoft 365 suites. There won’t change anything for existing customers, but new customers can choose between plans with and without Teams.

The new plans that come without Teams will be cheaper, but the Enterprise plans will be a bit more expensive. Let’s take a look at the cost difference.

New Microsoft 365 Plan Pricing in EEA

As mentioned in the beginning, but important to note, that these new prices will only be effective in the EEA and Switzerland.

Enterprise Suites

Enterprise organizations will face the biggest changes and largest price increases. Microsoft Teams will be removed from the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Enterprise plans. To use Teams, you will need to buy it as an add-on for each user. The new plans will be a bit cheaper, but the add-on will cost €5.00 per user.

If you already have Enterprise plans, then there won’t change anything for you and you can still add or renew seats as usual. You can also switch to the new plans at the end of your contract.

New customers however will have to buy two plans (SKU’s), one with the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 plan and additionally if they want to use Teams, the Teams plan.

The new Enterprise plans are:

New Enterprise SuitePrice
Office 365 E1 EEA (no Teams)€7.40
Office 365 E3 EEA (no Teams)€23.10
Office 365 E5 EEA (no Teams)€39.50
Microsoft 365 E3 EEA (no Teams)€35.70
Microsoft 365 E5 EEA (no Teams)€57.70
Microsoft Teams EEA (add-on)€5.00
New Microsoft 365 Enterprise suites without Teams

If you don’t need Teams in your organization, then the new plans will save you €2.00 per user per month. But when you need Teams,m and currently are not a Microsoft 365 customer, then the plans will cost you €3.00 more:

Enterprise SuiteOld PriceNew Price
(with Teams Add-on)
Office 365 E1€9.40€12.40
Office 365 E3€25.10€26.10
Office 365 E5€41.50€44.50
Microsoft 365 E3€37.70€40.70
Microsoft 365 E5€59.70€62.70

Microsoft 365 Business Suites

The existing Microsoft 365 Business suites will remain available in the EEA and Switzerland, with the same pricing (and Teams) as they are currently. But you can now also choose for the same plans without Microsoft Teams. These new plans, without Teams, are less expensive than the existing ones:

(Existing) Suites with TeamsPriceNew suites without TeamsPrice
Microsoft 365 Business Basic€5.60Microsoft 365 Business Basic EEA €4.60
Microsoft 365 Business Standard€11.70Microsoft 365 Business Standard EEA €9.70
Microsoft 365 Business Premium€20.60Microsoft 365 Business Premium EEA €18.60
New Microsoft 365 Business Suites without Teams

Frontline Suites

Also with the Frontline suites we can still choose for the existing ones, with the same pricing and we will get an option without Teams. The price difference is little here, compared to the Business and Enterprise suites:

(Existing) Suites with TeamsPriceNew suites without TeamsPrice
Microsoft 365 F1€2.10Microsoft 365 F1 EEA (no Teams)€1.60
Office 365 F3€3.70Office 365 F3 EEA (no Teams)€3.20
Microsoft 365 F3€7.50Microsoft 365 F3 EEA (no Teams)€7.00
New Microsoft 365 Frontline worker suites without Teams

Wrapping Up

For small and medium organizations there doesn’t change much. You can still get the same plans for the same price, and even save some money if you don’t use Teams in your organization. For new Enterprise customers, however, it will get a bit more expensive to use Teams in your organization.

Still, buying the Teams add-on is less expensive than a pro Slack plan.

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