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Fix not charging Philips Lumea by Replacing Batteries

UPDATE: An electronics designer, Shamus Husheer, from the UK contacted me. He found another, cheaper, solution to fix the Lumea battery Charging issue. You can find the post here.

A little DIY post that I like to share with you guys. My wife bought a Philips Lumea a couple of years ago. She didn’t use it for almost two years and it doesn’t charge anymore. If you don’t charge the batteries every 3 months, then the batteries are dead (as mentioned in the manual somewhere… ).

The problem with the Philips Lumea is that you can’t replace the batteries, the product is fully closed and you can’t buy a replacement battery pack. With a retail price of around € 350, I thought it was worth seeing if I can repair it. So I opened it up to see if I could replace the battery pack. And yes it’s possible.

Below a small guide on how to open the Philips Lumea (use it at your own risk, if you don’t know what you’re doing, ask a specialist), creating the battery pack, and replace it. You will need to following items to create the battery pack:

Opening the Philips Lumea

The Lumea is closed pretty tied, first you will have to take off the lens cover (1). This way you can wedge something small between the seal, starting at 2, and work your way down to 4. Take your time for this, because there are some thin wires right beneath the cover, between number 3 and 4, on this side of the Lumea.


Disconnecting the battery pack

Once you opened the Lumea you can’t take out the battery pack yet, first, you will have to disconnect to PCM (protection circuit module) wire from the circuit board. You can just pull out the tiny connector shown in the image below. When done, you can disconnect the black and red wire on the battery pack itself and slide out the batteries.

Creating the new battery pack

As mentioned at the beginning, you will need 2 UR18650W batteries with C type battery taps and a good soldering iron. The batteries may come pre-charged, so keep the covers on the positive side tabs until you are going to solder it.

We need the PCM wire for the new battery pack, so first, you need to desolder the wire from the old battery pack. The wire is also glued in the center, use a small knife to cut it loose.