Get Smarter during the Quarantine

Now most of us are working from home and we also have to stay home, we have a bit more time on our hands. From a work perspective, this has been one of the busiest weeks, getting everybody up and running from home, helping them with setting up their home workplace. But after work we got a lot more time, no sports clubs to go to, no family visits at the moment (except for facetime calls with Microsoft Teams), etc.

So we can spend the spare time watching Netflix for example, but you can also use this time to learn new skills. And to make it more appealing, Pluralsights offers now a completely free month. You don’t need a credit card to sign up, you can just simply create an account and start learning.

To help you get started I picked some great courses to get started with. This is only a small portion because there are more than 7,000 expert-led video courses on Pluralsight.

Microsoft 365 Exam Courses

Learning new skills is nice, but it’s even better if it trains yours for an exam. Pluralsight as multiple courses on Microsoft 365, which can help you prepare for certification.

MS-100 – Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

The courses in this skill path provide you with a thorough guide towards managing Microsoft 365 identity and services. You’ll cover all of the topics you need to become an expert at enterprise Microsoft 365 administration.

MS-101 – Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

You will dive into the intricacies surrounding implementing modern device services, implementing Microsoft 365 security and threat management, and Managing governance and compliance.

Microsoft Azure Courses

Cloud computing is getting more and more common. Where a couple of years ago only bigger companies where using solutions like Azure and AWS, these days you can use them for pretty much anything. For example, we are using AWS S3 storage for web applications and Azure to run PowerShell scripts in online runbooks.

Using solutions like Azure can really help you automate your IT environment or business applications further. If you are still pretty new to Azure, I really recommend getting started with “The Big Picture”. If you want to learn for certifications you should take a look at these training paths.

Azure – The Big Picture

This course is intended to help technology professionals gain an understanding of Microsoft’s cloud platform


If you are still not using PowerShell then this is the right time to start learning it 😉 . There are two great courses on Pluralsight that are really useful to learn PowerShell.

PowerShell – Getting Started

From gathering information using PowerShell cmdlets, to working with objects like files and users, you’ll learn real-world skills you can use immediately.

Server Administration Fundamentals Using PowerShell

 In this course, Windows Server Administration Fundamentals with PowerShell, you’ll learn foundational knowledge of Windows Server and how to manage Windows server using PowerShell and built-in command-line tools. 


This is only a small selection of the great courses Pluralsights has to offer. Although it are strange times right now, it’s also a good time to invest (time) in your self and learn new skills.

Let me know which courses you are going to follow in the comments below!

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