Enabling in-place archive for all users with PowerShell

The In-Place Archive that you get with Exchange Online, provides your users with additional storage space. With PowerShell we can enable the archive mailboxes quickly for all users. Connect to Exchange Online First we need to connect to Exchange Online, you can use this connector script or run the following code:

Or with the connector script:

Get a list of users…

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Setting up your PowerShell Environment with PowerShell Profile

If you are using PowerShell frequently you might want to change some default settings to modify your PowerShell window. We can do this by creating a PowerShell Profile where you can add Alias for function you use a lot, load modules at startup, change the root directory or add path variables. First we need to check if the Profile file already exists…

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Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure AD Connect

With the new version of Azure AD Connect you can enable the Single Sign-On option in combination with either Password synchronization or Pass-through Authentication. When enabled with Modern Authentication for Office 2016 users only have to type their username and do not need to type their password to sign in to Office applications of other cloud services when their machine…

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Error 0xFFFD0000 after running Powershell Scheduled task

I use a lot of scheduled Powershell tasks to make my life as SysAdmin a bit easier. Recently one of the scripts returns error 0xFFFD0000 as the last result.  The task used to work, so I started checking the script, run it step by step to see where the error originates. The script didn’t throw any errors, so the problem had…

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Fix not charging Philips Lumea by Replacing Batteries

UPDATE: An electronics designer, Shamus Husheer, from the UK contacted me. He found another, cheaper, solution to fix the Lumea battery Charging issue. You can find the post here. A little DIY post that I like to share with you guys. My wife bought a Philips Lumea a couple of years ago. She didn’t use it for almost two years and…

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